Welcome, to our friendly adult pc gaming community!!

     We are a mature group, of pc enthusiasts who enjoy gaming on many levels. We specialize in first-person shooters.  Battlefield is our main game of choice. We also run CoD MW, Warzone, PUBG, Squad, EFT, to briefly name a few. We like to be competitive while still having fun. We do not discriminate against a players skill level and noobs are welcome as well. Our rules are based on a clean and fair gameplay, no cheating, and mutual respect towards one another. We all build and customize our own gaming rigs and we are always willing to share and help others with all aspects of the pc. Some of us are also highly skilled in extreme cooling, (subzero), overclocking and benchmarking. We have our own dedicated game servers and Discord. We are currently recruiting mature dedicated members to be a part of our growing community ... join today.. make our home yours!

We appreciate and value all our members and guests for your dedication and support!!